Time is a River: A Stoic Exercise to Change your Life

Raphael Reiter
July 16, 2023
“Time is a river, the resistless flow of all created things. One thing no sooner comes in sight that it is hurried past and another is borne alone, only to be swept away in its turn. Reflect often upon the rapidity with which all existing things, or things coming into existence sweep past us and are carried away. Even while a thing is in the act of coming into existence, some part of it has already ceased to be.”

This is from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, a book that I cannot recommend enough for you to read. If you are interested in being inspired to having a more meaningful life, day after day week after week, but also minute after minute and second after second, this is the book to read.

You will find some passages that will blow you away so hard, that you will have to close the book, shut your eyes and reflect.

This is what this book does, It inspires you to reflect on your life.

On your reactions.

On how you spend your time, on how you are affected by things that shouldn’t matter to you.

That change is indeed the only thing you can rely on because change is the only thing that will make you learn, make you grow, make you optimize your life for the better.

Are you fighting with change?

Are you scared of change?

Are you fearful of the future and of stepping out of your comfort zone?

You shouldn’t be. You should let change flow like a river. No matter what rocks get in the way, the river of your life will keep flowing forward until your very last day on earth.

Exercise: please send me an email, answering the following questions:

What changes must I make in my life?

List them all.

Then, put them in order of priority.

Now answer this question?

What will you do, each day starting NOW, to make that change happen?

Keep the other changes at the back of your head, or write them down somewhere. Only once you are satisfied with change number 1, can you pick another from that list.

Good luck, and as always, I am here to help.

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