The Love and Space Paradox

Raphael Reiter
July 16, 2023

The need to touch and reduce space

Here is a thought 💡

If space were nothing - as it is too often described - then why do we feel the need to touch each other when we feel affection?

If nothing was in between us, then we would be together. That is not entirely true though. If there was no space between us, then we would BE together (as one). We would not co-exist, we would exist, as a singular form.

We have this intrinsic need to touch, with the skin or with the lips, the people that we feel profound affection for. We are already touching each other through sound, since we touch the same sound waves. We are also already touching each other with light, since we are both seeing.

We don't see nor hear through nothingness. Light, waves, vibrations create the link --> yes, that is pure energy. But that never seam to be enough - we need to touch each other through skin touching and kissing and huging and making love.

We have this intrinsic human need to reduce the space between us and the people that we love.

A hug, a kiss, an intimate moment.

Could it be  that we are all feeling a connexion and that if our minds were less corrupt and were able to truely love all the people (that sounds new -agey crackpotty, I know) then we would want to eliminate all space between all humans?

And if we want to go even further in hippy dippy thought (I will not appologize for this), then we would want to do the same with trees, flowers, birds and fish.

Ok as I re-read this, it is not easy to understand, so let me recap and put it that way:

We all have a craving, an intrinsic yearning for that theory of unified field. We have this craving of connexion of all things, not through energy or love, but precisely because everything is made, at the source, from pure energy. (Sidenote: could pure energy be a definition of true love?)

All that is made, and all that is around us.

But of course, nothing is around us since we are part of everything. We are the world, there is no distinction between me and my surrounding, if I am indeed made of the same matter as that "surrounding."

An interesting paradox

It is an interesting paradox. On one side, we don't want to appreciate space at its proper value and prefer to refer to it as nothingness, and on the other we wish that there was less of it for us not to feel sad and lonely.

That goes to prove, in a very non-scientific way, that the space that is around us, is indeed, very much so, part of who we are.

You want to think that you are unique and that you are an individual amongst things, beings, and other individuals. And yet, if there were no space, there would not be individuals. Space is as much part of us as we are part of space, as salt is part of sea water. And the reason for that is that it is made out of the same matter as we are - pure consciouness, pure energy.

You see you cannot feel lonely or sad if you take this perspective, though your ego will fight very hard to keep the hallucination of your loneliness and individuality intact.

Thanks for reading this post. If you are interesting in learning more about these theories and how you look inward in order to experience this phenomenon of pure consciousness, it is one of the subjects we dig into our Transcendence Meditation course.

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