Make Time for Philosophy

Raphael Reiter
July 16, 2023
“Aren’t you ashamed to reserve for yourself only the remnants of your life and to dedicate to wisdom only that time can’t be directed to business?”

Make time for philosophy. Don’t just take the time that is left over from your other tasks in life.

Most people read just before going to bed — those last few minutes of time and energy in our days. And they say they want to improve themselves.

Why not then, more logically, make the time during the day, when our energy levels are higher, to properly work on our character, on our virtues, on our philosophy of life?

You would block 10 hours of your day to be at your office, but not block any time to think about the big picture, life itself? To ask yourself and ponder upon the big questions?

The average person will be fine in watching 28 hours of television per week, but then say they have no time to study philosophy and improve their lives.

We must actively and mindfully prioritise living our lives versus being distracted from our lives (via mindless tv or social media scrolling)

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