Are you a Musician or instrumentalist?

This is a very interesting subject, especially for us brass players.

This is because of the physicality of our instruments. It’s not so impressive to play loud, or high, or low on the piano, or on the cello. But on trumpet, if you can play very high, you’re a hero.

If on bass trombone or on tuba you can play very low, you are a hero.

If you can play very very loud… you’re the chosen one.

Often, our rapport to the instrument gets in the way of the music.

Another important aspect is breathing. When playing an arrangement of music that is not originally written for us, we need to be careful where we breathe. I talk about this in my video on how to practice the Bach prelude from the first suite in G.

In this video I mention Sergei Nakariakov. Check this CD out. It is absolutely incredible.

Check out the book by Arnold Jacobs also. It is really a must have for all brass players. ( wind players too actually.)

Let me know what you think about this subject ! send me a tweet 🙂


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Musician or Instrumentalist?

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