Zen Meditation for beginners with Raphael Reiter (LIVE)

In today's live meditation, we are going to be doing a zen meditation for beginners. It is a little bit different from what we usually do, in meditations for transcendence. These last few days, I have been immersing myself in Zen philosophy, and I have tried to incorporate that level of mindfulness in my every day life. Today, I would love to guide you through one of the meditations I currently practice, and before we start, I will read you a very short passage from the Art of Peace, by the founder of Aikido:Morihei Ueshiba. He has very sound advice to give us so that we can, together, go on that journey of peace, through meditation, and being more aware and mindful, every day, every moment. We will practice meditation by focusing on our breath, and realising that we are always in the present moment. Even when we have thoughts about the past or thoughts about the future, these thoughts always happen in the now. There is indeed nothing else, then the here and now. And so, we surrender to that fact, and set ourselves, in our center, to harmonize our life, past and future, ups and downs, inner and outer world.