100 Days Transcendence Meditation Challenge 2021

100 days of transcendence meditation challenge with Raphael Reiter Welcome to this brand new Free Meditation series, where Raphael will guide you to a transcendental meditation experience. This means, that each day, you will receive one meditation, which is to be practiced twice. Once early in the morning, and once in the late afternoon, before diner. Each meditation contains a vibration, a sign, that will guide you through the transcendental experience. What does Transcendence mean? To transcend means to go beyond. Our goal in these meditations is to go beyond our thought, beyond our ego, and beyond our sense of self as a detachment from all other consciousness. That way, we are able to experience the present moment, the source of thought, pure consciousness, or what is often referred to as the unified field. If you wish to learn more about transcendence and meditation, I have also created a budget-friendly course, that you can find here: https://raphaelreiter.podia.com