I decided it was time that I put something else that is a very important part of my life these days ( if not the most important part) and that is my business side of life

I have decided to make a daily vlog documenting my journey to entrepreneurship – Indeed I am starting a startup, from scratch. It is a tech startup, an app, and I think it has a really good potential.

Im not going to go in the details of the app here and now, because I didn’t launch it yet, but I will very soon.

No that does NOT mean I am giving up on music, and on my trombone videos. It is just a parallel side of who I am.

I have been hesitant in putting everything on the same website because I know that it might not interest the same people. Some of you might come and visit my website only to get trombone tutorials, and some will want an inside look at building a tech startup, in Berlin, from scratch.

I hope my eclectic content won’t be to confusing, and although it might be at first, I sincerely hope that you will find value into coming and visiting my website from time to time.

Please also remember that I reply to every single message, tweet, email, etc. So if you have a question, dont hesitate. The fastest way to reach me is still twitter.


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Documenting my journey to entrepreneurship

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