You are the world, an inter-dependent expression of God

March 6, 2022

Like a flower comes from a tree, we, people, come from the world. We are not a lost piece of the puzzle, somewhere at the back of the cupboard. Nature doesn't have independent parts of a puzzle. All components are interdependent on one another.

It is one—an indivisible whole. We tend to focus or narrow our minds to a single part of life. It is not because we cannot see the whole picture with our optical capabilities that it is not the world.

If you look through the hole of a fence and see one red flower, it doesn't mean that this flower is the whole garden.

The garden has many flowers of different shapes and colors. It has grass, and it even has a koï pond. The flower is the garden, yet we only see it as a flower because it is the only thing we can see. We can say that the flower is an expression of the garden, which reinforces the fact that it is the garden. And that the garden is the flower. Without the dirt, the sunlight, water, there would not be a flower.

The flower needs soil like we need our own heart. The sun, the rain, the earth is part of the flower. It is the flower.

When you say "I breathe," do you mean you when you say I? Your lungs are doing the breathing. Yes, but the lungs are part of what constitutes you. Your lungs are you, and you breathe through your lungs. You and your lungs are one whole. Like a good rider and its horse. Who rides? Who is ridden?

The flower in the garden and the garden is the flower. And the bees? Without the bees, the flowers would not reproduce. And we wouldn't have sweet delicious sticky honey. We need the honey to feed ourselves. We need the trees to breathe. Without trees, we cannot breathe.

They discovered that nature's ecosystem is such that without whales and sharks, we couldn't breathe as well either. And so the trees and the whales are part of us because "I breathe," just like the lungs are part of my body, and they too, just the same, help me breathe. You might say that this is incorrect because your lungs do the work. But they work in taking the air in. The trees and the whales make the air.

Imagine our legs and arms telling our stomach, hey you, you don't do as much work as we do. Get out of this body you lazy bastard! The legs and arms would not have the energy the stomach provides to do their job. The stomach wouldn't get the food without the labor of the arms and legs. The arms and the legs are the stomach, and the stomach the legs.

Because I breathe, I am a tree.

Because I breathe, the tree is me. We cannot be without each other.

This is called harmony like when you have a chord with a tonic, a third, and a fifth. What makes this a simple three-note chord? The space between the notes. The difference in tone and frequency. There would not be a simple chord without the space between the notes.

There would not be harmony; there would be cacophony.

You want to play a melody. Without the space between each note, there would not be a melody. There would not be motion, and so there would not be emotion. The spaces between the notes are what make the melody possible.

The space between the notes is the notes, and the notes are space.

You are what you eat. Yes, what you eat is who you are. Food, love, drink, consciousness - it is all one thing.

You are an expression of that one thing. We are not talking about dependence but inter-dependence.

Without one, there is no other, and without another, there is not one. You are the world and expression of God amongst many different expressions, all the same, and all unique.

We start understanding this and surrendering our ego's yearning to combat that truth to protect the illusion it worked so hard to protect; you will be awake. You will be enlightened, if only for a fleeting moment because even a state of enlightenment is impermanent.

When you find the light, you will feel the lightness of life, of death. You are opened to infinite possibilities, to endless potential, because you transcend the barriers, walls, and cocoons of your thought.

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