Which Leaders impress you most?

November 16, 2022

Would you be impressed if I told you that one of the most powerful man to ever walk this earth sold his personal and expensive, luxurious belongings to feed his men? That really happened, Marcus Aurelius did that when he was the emperor of Rome.

How about Jose Mujica, who, when president of Uruguay was well known for donating 90% of his presidential salary to charities and worthy causes? Would you be impressed?

Now think about some of the recent leaders, known for their multi million mansions, golden planes, lavish orgiastic parties, and massive yachts.

Compare the two and ask yourself: which is truly impressive?

Here is a quote from Musonius Rufus, Stoic philosopher of ancient Rome:

“How much better is it to be known for doing well by many than for living extravagantly? How much more worthy than spending on sticks and stones is it to spend on people?”

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