Train to look inward for guidance

July 7, 2022

“In this way you must understand how laughable it is to say, ‘Tell me what to do!’ What advice could I possibly give? No, a far better request is, ‘Train my mind to adapt to any circumstance.’ … In this way, if circumstances take you off script … you won’t be desperate for a new prompting.” - Epictetus

You have heard the saying about learning how to fish instead of being given fish—something like that. Epictetus is telling us the same thing. Instead of having to go and ask questions for every situation that arises, you should be clear on your own personal philosophy. When you are clear on who you are as the best version of yourself, and when you are clear on your values and personal boundaries, you don't need to ask around for guidance constantly. You need to dig deep and look inward.

So, study philosophy, and learn about yourself. And then? Use it.

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