The way to change the world NOW - and create unshakeable joy in the process

March 5, 2022
Personal Growth

If you want to be loved, you will not only have to give love. You will have to become a loving person. You will also have to let go of the yearning of receiving. You will be devoted - not only to your partner or to your family, but to all components of your interdependent ecosystem of nature. Love is not a monetary exchange. You cannot just give and receive; instead, you will have to be and then, maybe, receive.

If you want Joy, you will have to give joy. Indeed, one can never be truly happy if one focuses only on oneself; to be happy, you have to serve the world. You need to contribute and help other constituents of Nature - Human or not. You will never be happy if you focus on being happy. You will never be happy if you try to make your Ego happy. Radiate joy to others, and you will feel that warmth back in your Soul.

And so, love and happiness don't come to you; it comes from deep within you when we have learned to let go of our yearnings and feelings of entitlements.

But that is not enough. We tend to think that we must find our Purpose in Life - that this purpose will drive us and make us happy. I believe otherwise. We must find our duty in life, which will create joy for others that we will feel in our interdependent Soul. You see, the reason that so many people think they are incapable of feeling true Joy - as opposed to fleeting moments of happiness that come from events and experiences - is because there is a resistance when it comes to letting go of what we think we are and what we believe we deserve. We need to transcend that limiting belief that joy and ego are attached. They are, in fact, opposites.

And so if you ask yourself: what is your purpose? Because you want to "change the world," I suggest you take a different approach and ask: What is my duty so that WE can "change the world."

And so we go back to the famous quote by Abraham Maslow: "What one can be, one must be."

Here is the recipe:

If you are a leader, do not speak of leadership, and do not try to lead: be a radiant examplar, and people will be inspired to follow. Remember that soft is strong.

If you are a writer, then you must write. Not for yourself but for others.

If you are a reporter or a journalist, report the truth. Do it to inform, with integrity—nothing else.

If you are a musician, play with all your heart. Not for applause but to bring warmth to people's hearts. Project your sound forward and let it resonate for them, not for you.

If you are a painter, paint. Not with your mind but with your heart - trust your instincts, what is your expression of the world?

If you are a teacher, do not preach but guide. Give us a taste of curiosity - inspire us to find out and learn more.

If you are a builder, build! We all need a roof over our heads.

If you are a garbage collector or a street cleaner, do your job with pride. Without your work, we would be invaded by rats and disease. What you do matters.

If you are a policeman, serve. Protect. Don't protect someone less than another for some idea or illusion. All people need protection.

If you are a fireman, continue being a hero. Hero means protector, not a fighter of bad guys.

If you are an entrepreneur, create businesses that bring value to the world - avoid building things nobody needs. Also, avoid making things that are incompatible with people's best interests.

If you are a businessman, do business. Be guided by your heart, not by your wallet.

If you are an entertainer, entertain. Give us a few moments of peace during hard times. Distractions are not a bad thing, but we must be aware of them so as not to be distracted from life for too long...

If you are a doctor, heal all patients that come to you. Do not take shortcuts and do not accept rewards from pharmaceutical companies.

If you are a politician, speak for the people.

If you are the people, speak for the politicians.

If you are a priest, stay open. Encourage people to ask questions. Avoid giving answers.

I leave you all to fill in the rest.

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