Learning: Quality over Quantity

November 16, 2022
“What’s the point of having countless books and libraries, whose titles could hardly be read through in a lifetime. The learner is not taught, but burdened by the sheer volume, and it’s better to plant the seeds of a few authors than to be scattered about by many.” — Seneca.

There are a few authors that I have read repeatedly and have studied everything that they have ever written or said or documented.

They are, of course, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus, Chuang Tzu, Lao Tsu, Alan Watts, Steven Pressfield, and when I started my journey in personal growth, Tony Robbins.

Yes, I have read and am still reading more books from diverse authors.

Those cited above, however, never leave my side. They are my mentors, my friends, and my guides. Often, they are my father figures. I have a “board of directors” automation in my journaling practice on Notion (more about that later). These authors, thinkers, and teachers are my directors.

When I face something difficult, I ask them. I have studied them so much that I can guess an answer. I have also created a knowledge management system that allows me to put keywords together and find sources from my mentors. I can type Angry, and I get some quotes by Seneca on Anger or by Marcus on temperance.

I have never had the chance or opportunity to have a teacher, a mentor, a guide, or a parent. I have had to choose them carefully, dead or alive. We all need a compass, and they are it. I am so grateful that they have put their best wisdom on paper…

Yesterday, we talked about learning in moderation. Today I want to remind you of this: go deeper. Make curiosity your partner, not a culprit for stealing your attention.

You have a limited amount of time in the day, as you do in life. Prioritize quality over quantity. Today and everyday, think about how you can dig deeper in what you (think you) already know.

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