Leaders: Get rid of all forms of arrogance and mistrust!

November 16, 2022
"There are two things that must be rooted out in human beings - arrogant opinion and mistrust. Arrogant opinion expects that there is nothing further needed, and mistrust assumes that under the torrent of circumstances there can be no happiness.” Epictetus

Two things need to be rooted out of your leadership style: Arrogant Opinion and mistrust. If you are building a company or leading a team, you have people that are experts in their fields. If not, then you should change your recruiting strategies. Also, each individual within your team has a set of life experiences, perspectives, and takes on life. Trust your team and nurture their trust. It is not enough to tell them that you trust them and let them make small, unimportant decisions. Empower your team by giving them more responsibility, and let them make decisions when things go sideways and in times of crisis.

It is simply too easy to pretend to have an inclusive leadership management style and then become authoritarian when difficult decisions need to be taken. Yes, as a leader, you will have the final word, and you will take the decision. But don't fear the debate! This is how we learn and grow. There is great power in togetherness.

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