Every breath you take is a near death experience

January 4, 2022
Ancient Wisdom

We often see, in movies or in novels, a hero that lives past a near death experience and starts living his or her life on their own terms, doing what is most important to them: spending time with their families and friends, leaving the soul sucking job with the micro-managing boss, going into nature to breathe in deep the smell of flowers and trees.

Remember, that every breath you take, is a near death experience. That breath might be your last. If you’re young and healthy, sure, the chances are very slim, but they are there anyway. You might choke, your heart might skip an extra beet, you might fall and break your neck. It doesn’t matter how slim the chance, the risk of dying is still there. Use this to your advantage. Take in the momentum of this fact. Of course it’s freaky, and scary. Face that fear, because there is no other choice. If you don’t, then you choose to fight against reality, and I can guarantee you, that you will lose 100% of the time.

“The risk of dying is always there, use this at your advantage” — Raphael Reiter

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