What is the best chapstick for musicians?

That is the favorite topic for many brass and wind players.


Taking care of your lips can be the difference between performing at your best and performing badly.

You spend so many hours in the practice room working on your sound and on your technique, it would really be a pity to mess up your final recital because of chapped lips, or worst because you have been using the wrong chapstick.

What is a wrong chapstick?

You should not be using a chapstick that leaves residue on your lips.

Also, You should not be using a chapstick that makes your lips soggy, which is not optimal for efficient vibration and good sound.

I would avoid using a chapstick that has too many chemicals in it too. Try to choose a chapstick that uses natural oils, such as Avocado oils. They will nourish your lips in a better way, and they will keep you away from accumulating too many toxins

Healthy lips are very important for musicians, but for non-musicians too! nobody likes to have chopped and dehydrated lips. It doesn’t feel comfortable nor does it look good

In this video, I share which is my favorite one to use, and why

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Best Chapstick for musicians?

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